Week 1 2017 Looking Forward to Moving Forward

The is the first week of my third involvement with MKMMA or MKE. In September 2015, I participated in MKMMA for the first time. I was so excited to finally be part of something that I believed would make a difference in my life.

Having participated in many self-help courses prior to MKMMA, I always struggled with not feeling successful in gaining what I desired in life and never knew why. Once I experienced MKE for 6+months, I finally found out the reasons why I had little success before. I did gain so much with my initial involvement with MKE. I did struggle with all the required work since I also struggled with my disabled husband and his well-being. He had a severe stroke months before and I was still grieving the “loss” of my husband. Many different emotions filled my day and sometimes it was enough just to be happy in the presence of my husband to keep his spirits up.

I vowed to take MKMMA in September 2016. I started off with staying on task. After six weeks or so, I fell by the wayside because I chose to participate with MKE without having a guide! It was not one of my brightest ideas and I learned a valuable lesson. I   found out that I had so much more work to do on myself in truly making the changes I needed to make to break away from my old blueprint and establishing my new blueprint. Thus, I made the decision to indulge wholeheartedly into this September’s MKE course–I have a guide this time and I am truly looking forward to moving forward once and for all in my life!


Week 24 — Coming to the Beginning!

Our commencement is this weekend for the MKMMA course.  The word commencement means beginning or start.  Even though we use the word commencement at the end of milestones that we have achieved such as the end of our high school years or the completion of our undergrad degree in college, many believe that they word means the end of something.

I like using the word commencement at the end of something because in reality, when you come to the end of something, it really is the beginning of the next phase of your life’s journey.  And so, our MKMMA commencement is the beginning of the rest of our lives.

What great tools that we have now that we have completed the course.  I know I feel a sense of accomplishment and much joy that I have endured an intense adventure in my life.  I have given myself permission to accept that my life circumstances did not allow me to fully embody all that MKMMA gave to me.  I just feel great to know that I have the MKMMA tools as part of my life as I see that everyday from now on, I have the power and the know-how to change my life in the way I want it to be changed.   So to me, our commencement is truly a new beginning and I am ever so grateful that I have had the MKMMA experience and that it is forever a big part of my life and I embrace it whole-heartedly!

Week 23 — Full of Gratitude

Now I am back to normal and it is such a challenge to catch up.  I would love to give as much as I can to the MKMMA since I find the experience in taking the course very life-changing and life-saving.  I take great comfort to know that I have the tools to change the course of my life and that brings me such relief to know that no matter what, my life can change.  I know that I have so much more work to do for that to happen and when I take my MKMMA tasks even more seriously and stick with the daily routine, I do see the benefit of my hard work.

I pray for confidence and courage to keep me going even in this most trying time of my life.  It helps me to know that I have wonderful and amazing people that have come into my life now.  I have such great gratitude and love for Mark, Davene, Trish, Derek and all of the rest of the team.  I greatly appreciate my guide Lori for all the wisdom and kind words she has shared with me.

Thanks to all of my course mates as well for all that you have shared for the benefit of all of us.  You are nature’s greatest miracles.

Week 20 — Special Times!

This was a tough week for me since Saturday, February 13 was my birthday.  I celebrated it in a different way since my husband is unable to celebrate it with me as he has in the past.  Because of his incapacitation, he was unable to give me his warmest birthday wishes–he had to forgo the excitement that he use to experience when he was able to go shopping and find just the right gift for me and just the right card that he loved to write his very loving words to me since he knows that above all, I always looked foward to his written words of love.  I know he really is unhappy that he cannot do as he once was able to do.  So I had to let him know that just us celebrating my birthday together was my gift to me especially since he was able to give me that special look of love that he has in him heart for me!  Priceless!

Week 19 — The Shift!

The first day of reading Og Mandino’s Scroll 5 this week as well as reading Master Key Lesson Week 19 brought me to tears!  I even cried as I did my sit that first day and I realized was crying because I was hearing and seeing what I needed to hear to help me to move forward from Mike’s stroke.

I really feel lonely and not happy about being alone.  I really have never worried about that before even when I was alone other times in my life because I have always been okay to be alone with myself.  I think it is different now because I truly miss my husband as he was and I have to be his everything all alone since he is wholly my responsibility.  I find myself so confused (as Mark helped me to figure out) and still full of grief.  What I have figured out this week with Mark’s help is that it is okay to be confused and I have to give myself a break.

Reading Og and our lesson this week have me really thinking about how I really do have to make everyday count as if it is my last.  That has created a shift in me and I am now taking each moment of the day as a gift and I find I need to cherish each moment.  I also see now that I am of service to my husband in his time of need and just that thought has helped me with a shift in my feeling of helplessness, confusion and powerlessness.  I get to be of service of Mike and I am blessed to be there for him.  Thanks Mark J and Davene!  You are my angels!