Meet Theresa


I am Theresa Welch and I live in Washington, DC.  I am a wife and mother–the two most glorious roles of my life.  Outside on my home, I taught thousands of children and adults during my career as a teacher.  I am always and teacher and most importantly, I am a life-long learner.

I love working with people in helping those that I care about and those that come into my life each and everyday, realize that there are so many other ways to live their lives other than being stuck in a JOB!  I help people see that jobs are just in your life so that you can put food on your table and have a roof over your head.  I share with people how to work full time on your job and part time on your legacy and fortune until you can work full time on your legacy and fortune and leave your full time job.  What a blessing that I have in my life where I can really help other to live their dreams!