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Week 8 2017 Short and Sweet!

This is short and sweet. I am concentrating on being ever so grateful and thankful. I am truly blessed!


Week 7 2017 The Power of “RESTART”

The 7-Day Mental Diet Plan—Whoa! I as go through my days this past week and practice the Mental Diet, I truly got a first -hand look at how negative thoughts permeate throughout my ongoing thoughts. At first, I felt badly about having any negative thoughts and how often they occurred. And then I felt great when I started implementing the “Restart” statement. Just saying “restart” felt so refreshing because it actually freed my brain and not-so-good feelings about having negative thoughts from feeling crappy about having those negative thoughts.

So then I became even more grateful of actually having a tool that would instantly get me out of any negative thought and put me instantly into a positive and happier place just because I then on purpose chose to use the 7-day mental diet that really does work so marvelously. And I was also happy to realize that even though I, on purpose, have worked to stay as positive as I can, this exercise revealed to me just how much more work I have to do to eliminate the negative thoughts in my life. And how delighted I was that even though I revealed to myself that I still have many negative thoughts, I am so happy that I can stop those thoughts each and every time without little or no effort and the shift is instant. What a way to feel and I embrace it with open arms and am ever so grateful and thankful for just being able to use just one word and that word is “restart”. So much power in just one word! YAY for RESTART!

Week 6 2017 “I Can Do It”!

I will make this a short post. I am recovering from a leg injury that I got when I pushed my husband in his wheelchair for several hours at the VA hospital a few weeks back. It’s getting better and then one day I step incorrectly or turn while working with my husband and it hurts a little more again.

So what does one do when you have been challenged with moving around and having to care for a disabled husband? I have to stop and take care f myself even though my heart wants to continue to be with and help my husband. So that is what I am doing today and I have so much gratitude that I figured that out.

”I can do it”, “I  can do it”, “I can do it” is my mantra!

Week 5 2017 Is My Effort Enough?

I really wish my weekly blog would feature more about the progress I am making in my life. Instead, I am still so challenged with staying in top of all my MKE tasks while juggling the care of my husband and all of his needs and all the other components of my life.

I am perplexed everyday with “doing my best” vs. “doing the best that I can”. What do each really mean? I need to pursue the answer to that question so I know the difference. Once I know the difference, I still need to know that whatever effort I am able to put towards all of my MKE, is there a point where what I am doing is not enough to make the difference I need in my life to make the changes I need in my life? I still haven’t figured out all of this since my husband had his severe stroke over 3 1/2 years ago and sometimes I wonder if I ever will.

What I do know is this–I must maintain a positive and loving attitude each and every moment of my life for my well-being and my husband’s. And I do know that being part of MKE will help me in my journey.

Week 4 2017 I Get To Do This!

I am having trouble figuring out what to write about this week. I know I have concentrating on my life with my disabled Army officer veteran husband whose disability is related to his service to the country of the United States of America in my past blogs. The exhaustion I experience every day is something I want to eliminate from my life. In order for the exhaustion to lessen, I know that I have to put myself first. That puts me in a dilemma since I am torn about how to balance that with not being with my husband at times since I am with him in his assisted living home between 3-12 hours a day. Other times that I am not with him, I am charged with taking care of every aspect of our life and then finding time to recuperate from the physicality and emotional component of caring for my husband’s well-being. That includes all the energy I need to put into my MKE responsibilities since I truly do want change in my life.

I know there is no magic pill I can take to for the changes to happen. I just want to feel that I will have the energy and stamina to continue at the pace I have had to live these past 3 and a half years since my husband’s severe stroke. What keeps me going is saying to myself that I get to do this…I get to take care of my husband with all the love and compassion I can give him! God help me each and every day to remain strong, loving and committed to my darling beautiful husband.

Week 3 2017 Having Daily Challenges

I wish I knew what the answer is as to overcoming the sheer exhaustion of caring for a disabled husband while having the time to care for your own aching body. I am everyday reading Og’s words “Failure no longer will be my payment for struggle. Just as nature made no provision for my body to tolerate pain neither has it made any provision for my life to suffer failure. Failure, like pain, is alien to my life. (Of which I say loudly as I read it, ‘Yes, it is!’) In the past I accepted it as I accepted pain and I say even louder ‘No More!’ I am saying “no more” to pain and I reject it and I really mean it.

And then the reality of how my body is after pushing my husband in his wheelchair through the VA hospital for his multiple doctors’ appointments and then having to get him back home making sure we both get dinner and then getting him in bed and then finally getting a chance for myself, I realize just how much my body hurts. I really need help on how to make the words of Og about rejecting the pain as I reject failure when everyday I face physical pain in dealing with my disabled husband. I know I am saying I reject the pain. I just want to know how it really works since even today I am still in recovery from the added stress on my body of my day at the VA with my husband. HELP!

Week 2 2017 Vowing to Move Forward Even With Baby Steps

I have made a vow to myself to move forward with the help of MKE. I am challenged with my old blueprint emerging throughout the day keeping me from progressing as I so desire without that “ole” blueprint. I am struggling to keep up with my daily positive readings and sits not because of time but because of what I believe is fear of failure. I wonder everyday as to why I am struggling with this and I vow to myself not to give up because I always keep my promises. I have to remind myself each and every time that I always keep my promises and I can tell little by little that I am moving forward with baby steps. I celebrate those baby steps knowing I am getting closer to where I really want to be in life.

I wonder how many others in MKE have experienced the same kind of challenge especially when you have been through MKMMA before? Any thoughts and words of encouragement?