Week 7 2017 The Power of “RESTART”

The 7-Day Mental Diet Plan—Whoa! I as go through my days this past week and practice the Mental Diet, I truly got a first -hand look at how negative thoughts permeate throughout my ongoing thoughts. At first, I felt badly about having any negative thoughts and how often they occurred. And then I felt great when I started implementing the “Restart” statement. Just saying “restart” felt so refreshing because it actually freed my brain and not-so-good feelings about having negative thoughts from feeling crappy about having those negative thoughts.

So then I became even more grateful of actually having a tool that would instantly get me out of any negative thought and put me instantly into a positive and happier place just because I then on purpose chose to use the 7-day mental diet that really does work so marvelously. And I was also happy to realize that even though I, on purpose, have worked to stay as positive as I can, this exercise revealed to me just how much more work I have to do to eliminate the negative thoughts in my life. And how delighted I was that even though I revealed to myself that I still have many negative thoughts, I am so happy that I can stop those thoughts each and every time without little or no effort and the shift is instant. What a way to feel and I embrace it with open arms and am ever so grateful and thankful for just being able to use just one word and that word is “restart”. So much power in just one word! YAY for RESTART!


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