Week 5 2017 Is My Effort Enough?

I really wish my weekly blog would feature more about the progress I am making in my life. Instead, I am still so challenged with staying in top of all my MKE tasks while juggling the care of my husband and all of his needs and all the other components of my life.

I am perplexed everyday with “doing my best” vs. “doing the best that I can”. What do each really mean? I need to pursue the answer to that question so I know the difference. Once I know the difference, I still need to know that whatever effort I am able to put towards all of my MKE, is there a point where what I am doing is not enough to make the difference I need in my life to make the changes I need in my life? I still haven’t figured out all of this since my husband had his severe stroke over 3 1/2 years ago and sometimes I wonder if I ever will.

What I do know is this–I must maintain a positive and loving attitude each and every moment of my life for my well-being and my husband’s. And I do know that being part of MKE will help me in my journey.


2 thoughts on “Week 5 2017 Is My Effort Enough?

  1. KellyGirl

    Hello Theresa, Maybe doing the best you can is what you can do right now. Just be proud of yourself for taking these big steps. I believe as we work on ourselves, we will be that much better for the people we love. You are on a terrific journey, keep striving. Yes, we do have a lot of life work in MKMMA. I think at one time Mark J said we don’t have to be perfectionists, that is something I struggle with. Bless you.
    Shine on,



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