Week 4 2017 I Get To Do This!

I am having trouble figuring out what to write about this week. I know I have concentrating on my life with my disabled Army officer veteran husband whose disability is related to his service to the country of the United States of America in my past blogs. The exhaustion I experience every day is something I want to eliminate from my life. In order for the exhaustion to lessen, I know that I have to put myself first. That puts me in a dilemma since I am torn about how to balance that with not being with my husband at times since I am with him in his assisted living home between 3-12 hours a day. Other times that I am not with him, I am charged with taking care of every aspect of our life and then finding time to recuperate from the physicality and emotional component of caring for my husband’s well-being. That includes all the energy I need to put into my MKE responsibilities since I truly do want change in my life.

I know there is no magic pill I can take to for the changes to happen. I just want to feel that I will have the energy and stamina to continue at the pace I have had to live these past 3 and a half years since my husband’s severe stroke. What keeps me going is saying to myself that I get to do this…I get to take care of my husband with all the love and compassion I can give him! God help me each and every day to remain strong, loving and committed to my darling beautiful husband.


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