Week 2 2017 Vowing to Move Forward Even With Baby Steps

I have made a vow to myself to move forward with the help of MKE. I am challenged with my old blueprint emerging throughout the day keeping me from progressing as I so desire without that “ole” blueprint. I am struggling to keep up with my daily positive readings and sits not because of time but because of what I believe is fear of failure. I wonder everyday as to why I am struggling with this and I vow to myself not to give up because I always keep my promises. I have to remind myself each and every time that I always keep my promises and I can tell little by little that I am moving forward with baby steps. I celebrate those baby steps knowing I am getting closer to where I really want to be in life.

I wonder how many others in MKE have experienced the same kind of challenge especially when you have been through MKMMA before? Any thoughts and words of encouragement?


2 thoughts on “Week 2 2017 Vowing to Move Forward Even With Baby Steps

  1. Julia Standish

    “I am acutely aware that this process is truly life-changing. I see the little changes every day in many aspects of my life…attitude, habit, self -talk, enthusiasm. ” This was a quote from another member that I read earlier.
    Theresa, you were very honest. I do hope you can grasp this opportunity and push the old blueprint to the side to gain what I think is going to be life changing. You are not alone, I look forward to reading what you have to share in Week 3.
    I do keep you in mind knowing of your husband’s condition… but inorder to give you must take care of yourself..so know I am here with you during this journey.


  2. TBMasterKey Post author

    Thanks, Julia. I am challenged every day of the idea of taking care of myself. Many say that to me all the time. I have every intention to do so and then life happens every day and my body just gets so exhausted. I am looking at the MK Experience to give me the answers I am looking for to help me balance my life and help me to put me on the road to being fit and healthy for the rest of my life. I know the road ahead of me is one of even greater challenges.



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